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This is a Shamoy Persad appreciation post

I appreciate you for making this post.



the booty grind i do when i’m cuddling but i really wanna fuck

i just troll my tumblr. i should get back into posting more. so i’ll leave a few highlights.

  • dreading coming back to school. didn’t wanna leave seeing my boyfriend everyday
  • on the way back to school saturday i wrecked my car in the rain. spun out on the highway and hit the rain. scariest thing of my life. thankful my boyfriend was with me to help move my things and take me to school. but now im here alone. and carless. and even more sadder than i would normally be.
  • i owe 800 before classes start. have to take out yet another loan tomorrow. if they’ll let me. if not i gotta come up with 300 by next week. 
  • classes start tomorrow. finally a senior. (hr management major) won’t graduate next may but in december. 
  • no serious injuries from the wreck but my neck is beyond stiff. taking a few days off from practice.
  • almost decided not to throw this year but now im kind of glad i gave it another shot.
  • i really hope everything comes together soon. im so bummed. i have to remind myself how thankful i am because things could’ve been so much worse. im used to things always going smooth, or at least reasonably easy to fix but this is alot at once. praying for the best. 


If I could change one thing about myself it would be to be a little bit more selfish I think, and not so shy. [x]

It’s really not fair for you to be so fine.

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